Top Golf (co)working space Event is a Hit

TCS Member and past-intern, Allyson Farash enjoying a nice night for Top Golf


On May 23rd, the (co)working space’s (co)mmunity members hit Top Golf in Edison, NJ for one of the office’s quarterly (co)working events. That Thursday was raining miserably while the office members were hard at work. However, at 5pm the rain ceased, clouds cleared, and a warm, early-evening sun came out. Spirits were high as each member finished their respective work and gathered around the bar at Top Golf.


The (co)working space laid claim to two golf bays and got to swinging clubs immediately. Members who had never been to Top Golf were amazed at the size of the space, amount of food and beverage options, and the high-tech sporting/hospitality experience. On the other hand, (co)working space owner, Noelle Stary knew exactly what she was doing in comparison to the newbies. With perfect form, she got to work racking in high scores, ordering the best food and drink the menu had to offer, and ultimately facilitating a fun networking event for the members.


It is not often that professionals from such a wide range of industries get to network, and even less often that they all have a great time together on top of it. The (co)working space members represent fields like Finance, Marketing, Health, and many types of businesses in between. If you didn’t make this event… 1) We feel really bad for you. But, 2) please make sure to stay up-to-date on the events we are having in the future. Check out our Events webpage, Facebook, and subscribe to our email list.


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