The (Co)Working Space FAQs

Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
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We have varied assortment creatives that work out of the (co)working space that includes: web developers, graphic designers, freelancers, and many more. We also have creatives such as authors, promotional speakers, and marketers. There are also marketing companies that work out of the space. You will see a wide variety of entrepreneurs and freelancers here.

We have plenty of electrical and data outlets available for every desk and throughout the entire office space.

Our office has a few styles of settings available; we have a very open layout with a flex desk seating arrangement. There are also individual desks for those that work best alone. There is no assigned seating; you can choose where you would like to sit every time you come in.

Yes, we as a coworking office encourage and actually hope that anyone who works out of here gets to make the best connections in their field. We encourage both creatives and entrepreneurs to network. Our office is set-up as a community so you can naturally network and make relations that will last you and your business a lifetime.

There is a refrigerator and microwave to both keep and heat your food. So feel free to bring any snacks or meals with you.

We offer our members access to a full kitchenette that includes a delicious selection of free coffee and teas along with filtered water.

We have wireless Internet connections as well as hardwired Internet connections available. The average Internet download speed is 17-20 mbps and the uploading speed is on average 18-20 mbps. Our Internet is fast enough to accommodate any business.

Our coworking office is always encouraging communication and meetings. In addition to the entire office space, you can use our conference room specifically designed to house 6-8 people comfortably.