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For dedicated (co)workers, environment means a lot. It’s kinda in our name… Space can mean many different things, however at the (co)working space, our administrators pride themselves in setting up an environment perfectly tailored to members’ needs. When factors like the right background tunes, tidy rooms, and good food all come together, the result is smiling (co)workers and a light office mood.


The Office Playlist


Working in complete silence is never fun. On the other hand, trying to focus as (co)workers talk or take phone calls can be tough as well. In both situations a good playlist running in the background can solve these minor inconveniences.


Radio and computer-generated playlists and stations are readily available on the air or through music-streaming services. These options are easy to throw on and can fill the void created by stagnant silence. However, picking a station that everyone agrees on can be difficult–the Bruno Mars fans might not want to listen to the Sabbath station, and the rock n’ roll fans may not be too keen on reggae…


At the (co)working space, the administrators saw these disparities coming miles away. To create the perfect office playlist, (co)workers responded to an office-wide email where every member was given the chance to submit their favorite songs, genres, albums, and artists along with their least favorites. The response was interesting to say the least, and the resulting playlist can now be played through any member’s Spotify account.






In the same way that (co)workers responded regarding their favorite music choices, offices anywhere can create online surveys to collect data. Getting to know each (co)working space member can be tough when everyone’s schedule differs. Surveys offer administrators the ability to get to know what people think about any topic.


Surveys can deliver real results (just look at the office playlist!). (Co)workers can express their true feelings about a topic without fear of being judged by others, administrators have a written and saved log of data, (co)workers will feel that their opinion matters when responding, and above all, managers and members alike learn new information about each other. The survey making/taking process can only benefit the office space and all those inside it.


Social Hour


More attention should be paid to the social aspects that makeup an office environment. There wouldn’t be a “(co)” in (co)working without some quality communication.


However, communication does not mean that workers are constantly chatting. No, proper communication should be all about when, where, and how. When and where can we have a non-work-related chat? How and when should we designate quiet work-only hours? Questions like these are completely normal and help to create an office setting where everyone is on the same page.


People work in an office to socialize–especially when it comes to the (co)working space. Members chose to join the (co)working space so that they could work remotely when necessary, and have an office to go into when working from home becomes mundane. Start a conversation about this topic in your office today. The communication that follows can only increase office efficiency.


Don’t Let (co)workers Go Hangry


How can you get any work done on an empty stomach? Being hungry can affect your mood, productivity, and even cognitive function. While your office members are working on improving (co)worker communication, weave in conversation regarding food.


Oftentimes, it is every man/woman for themselves when it comes to bringing lunch. Yet, with a little bit of (co)coordination, office members could dine together on the daily. You’ve heard about the benefits to sitting down for a meal with your family, why would the same benefits not apply in an office setting?


No, we’re not calling for a catered office lunch everyday. Stick to your already-established high level of office communication and let your fellow (co)workers know: what time(s) you like to eat, when you prefer to eat a brown bag lunch, or when you prefer to dine on Main Street. Establishing pre-determined themes for meals can get everyone eating together at lunch and working efficiently for the rest of the day.


See if your fellow (co)workers have any interest in: “Munch Down Monday” where the office orders food, “Tin Foil Tuesday” where the office packs their own sandwiches, or “Hump Day Donuts” where everyone pitches in for a morning treat. These themes can give the office members something to look forward to each week–just don’t get too carried away…


A Clean Office Space


Of course, after the food has been eaten, each (co)worker must understand their responsibility to keep the office clean. Individuals gather in offices like the (co)working space for 8(+) hours a day; shouldn’t these (co)workers feel comfortable with the space they’re sitting in?


What’s more, studies show that a clean home base (like a room or dedicated desk) will result in smoother brain function and higher levels of productivity. If each and every person understands that one small act of cleanliness will keep the office tidy, keeping the space clean won’t be any issue.


Office music, surveys, social hour, food, and cleanliness are all workspace factors that will enhance office conditions when considered. However, there are many more ways to improve the coworking experience. For this reason, the leaders behind the (co)working space are unyielding when it comes to providing improvements to the office space.


Please continue to read our blog for the latest updates on the (co)working space. For now, a clean and efficient office full of well-fed individuals with eclectic music taste sounds like the perfect environment to communicate and conduct business.


Interested in how the (co)working space operates? Scroll through the rest of our website, check out our social media, and schedule a tour for more information today.

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