Making the (co)working space Perfect for Freelancers


Historically, having a “gig” used to mean that an individual was shredding a musical instrument or making people laugh in some sort of live performance. However, these couple examples of “gig jobs” have transformed into an economy all their own with the rise in American freelance work. Today, people are doing graphic design, writing, video production, marketing; nearly any skill has a need for freelance/contract workers.


In 2017, there were estimated to be 57.3 million freelancers in the United States—that’s 36% of the country’s workforce. That number sound inflated? It sure is. This estimate does not account for individuals who freelance in addition to having another, more traditional job. As a result, about 7% of the working population are full-time, freelance workers.


No matter how you slice it, the freelance community in the U.S. is a large one. As such, it simply cannot be overlooked. Along with this so called “gig economy” came the idea of coworking: offices set up for people without office space or who need a temporary desk, Wi-Fi connection, etc.


The (co)working space (TCS) in Woodbridge, NJ is no different. The TCS admins have worked tirelessly to make the office more than accommodating to anyone interested in office space—especially freelancers.


Membership Packages

In the TCS office there are multiple options for freelancers and working individuals of all types. The most basic is the one-time drop-in: the solitary fee allows for the most freedom and zero commitment—perfect for a freelancer who may only be in the area for the day. Similarly, packages are available that offer no long-term commitments for more than one month. (co)working space customers can choose to get 24/7 access to the office for a month straight, or on 10 different occasions of their choosing when selecting a monthly access or 10-day membership.


On the other end, some full-time freelancers (most likely in that 7%) opt for a dedicated desk option—allowing for the same desk space day-after-day where they can set up a computer, filing cabinet, or anything else they need to fully customize their space. Many times, freelancers work alone, however in some cases team or private office space is necessary—we have those people covered.


Hosting Events

Many freelancers find a ton of value in office events. For most of these individuals, these are gathering that usually don’t come their way very often. These events allow freelancers to gain knowledge that their employer/contractor may not have taught them or that they never learned in school.


For example, the (co)working space is offering a learning day for space members or individuals off the street to understand how professional businesses run their social media accounts. For many freelancers, social media gets put on the backburner. But, in reality this is an important way that freelancers can gain their next contract. What’s more, these events always allow for networking—meeting likeminded, hardworking, and interesting new people is never a bad offering, especially for people who work alone more often than not.


Marketing Services

Coworking spaces all vary, however what differentiates TCS in Woodbridge, is the fact that it is powered by 20 Lemons Marketing team. As a result, we offer knowledge and the ability to work with an established group of knowledgable marketers to help TCS members hone their skills in this area. Most of our members are so enthralled in their current projects that marketing often gets pushed aside. However, after joining the (co)working (co)mmunity members understand the areas they need help with and can ask the proper questions to get their goals accomplished.


Whatever the need, coworking is all about providing options. With the everchanging needs of a highly-transitional American workforce, the more options and flexibility, the better.

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