Holiday Partying with the (co)mmunity


Getting together over delicious food and plentiful drinks is necessary during the Holiday Season. For the (co)mmunity members at the (co)working space in Woodbridge, NJ, this meant a night out at JJ Bittings BrewPub. The leader, founder, and owner of the (co)working space felt it was a special night for the 10-year-old coworking facility and thanked everyone for attendance and support, said Noelle Stary.


The night kicked off with Happy Hour fueled by JJ Bittings’ home-brewed beer as the (co)working crew made their way into the festive affair. Once everyone arrived and with cold beers in hand, the restaurant manager was kind enough to teach the party goers about the beer brewing process and toured them through the unique facility. Soon after attendees were schooled on beer making and after brushing up on beer drinking, dinner was served. Fat steaks for some and Italian pasta for others, the meal didn’t last long for the hungry guys and gals after a long day hard at work.


It is customary to continue eating and drinking just after eating and drinking for hours–so (co)working party goers complied. Kris Faupel, one of the event organizers, began to arrange the table of desserts for the (co)working Dessert Contest. The somehow-still-hungy (co)working members devoured the delicious desserts and each cast a single vote for a winner.


“In a very tight and hotly contested race, Karen beat me out by a vote,” said Faupel after a winner was decided from the battle of sweets.


As dessert plates emptied, the (co)working space members began their White Elephant gift exchange. Each member had brought something to the table. Whether it was a fancy olive oil kit, a classic Pez machine, or socks you’d only wear around the house in fear of public embarrasssment, the members all ended up with early Christmas presents by the end of the party. The fourth and final event of the year went better than planned, leaving high hopes for 2019’s events still to come.


The following photo gallery features the happy, uncomfortably-full (co)mmunity members the night of our party. If you were there, click below to see and save your favorite photos. If you didn’t make it, check out what you missed and keep your eye out for our next event invitation–coming Spring 2019!



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