Smooth Operations Program

Creating a fun, engaged atmosphere amongst members of a (co) working space has been proven to increase work productivity.


Liked-minded, yet different goal-oriented individuals flourish when a diversified community comes together as one. Thus, the (co) working space is proud to present, the Smooth Operations Program. The purpose of this program is to enhance member engagement by identifying and having a clear understanding of our fellow members, and being able to reward them for their commitment to the (co) working space. All part-time and dedicated members will be added to the chart in the common room and can start their journey in adding up (co) coin stickers, which can then be redeemed for prizes, just as you would at an arcade.


Here at the (co) working space, we understand that an engaging community is a happy, successful community. We look forward to seeing you rack up (co) coin stickers on the chart and receiving rewards for all the work you put in. Participating in the following Smooth Operations will allow members a chance to win prizes at our member market, the day prizes are distrubuted.

Referring a friend
worth 2 (co) coins
Planning an event
worth 3 (co) coins
Attending events
worth 4 (co) coins
Bring +1 to event
worth 2 (co) coins
Writing a review for the (co) working space
worth 2 (co) coins
Posting about us on Facebook
worth 2 (co) coins
Giving a tour of the space
worth 2 (co) coins
worth 5 (co) coins
worth 10 (co) coins
Throwing out the trash
worth 1 (co) coins
Watering the plants
worth 1 (co) coins

Smooth Operations Member Market

Smooth Operations timeline schedule will go as followed:

April- May-June
Member market will be held on July 15th
July- August-September
Member market will be held on October 15th
Member market will be held on January 15th
January- February-March
Member market will be held on April 15th

Loyalty Program Survey Questions

We will be launching our (co) working Smooth Operations Program. As a member, you will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse community of people from a range of all different companies. By participating in this survey, you give the community a chance to know who you are a little more.